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Clothing as a conversation starter

At Heart On My Sleeve we believe that hearing one person's story, or having one real conversation, can change a life or even save a life. When you wear this apparel you'll find that people ask you what it means. It opens the door to a conversation which may lead to an authentic sharing of experiences. At the very least, you've positioned yourself as someone who values mental health, and perhaps in the future they may remember that when they need someone to lean on. These aren't just clothes, they are conversation starters. A gateway to a different dialogue that may forge new connections and deepen existing ones. Our apparel represents a community, where you may be surprised to find many people who've walked a similar path to your own.



All our products are wrapped in compostable garment bags, and our mailers are all bio degradable and 100% recyclable


Many of our products are made using quality cotton grown without the use of herbicides or pesticides that are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified

Australian Designed & Operated

Although our garments are originally manufactured overseas, we (an Australian charity) purchase them from other Australian companies, with all subsequent printing and distribution done locally by onshore providers.